Good morning everyone!

The team here at FFAS would like to just send out a couple of reminders!

First is that we are still selling our Rainbow Play Structure raffle tickets! Please note that our draw date has been moved to October 13th at our marvelous Foothills Comic Con fundraiser! To purchase tickets for the Rainbow raffle, please call our office! To purchase tickets for the Foothills Comic Con, please visit www.foothillscomiccon.com!

Second, we are paired with Birdies for Kids! This means all donations can be matched up to 50%!! All donations are greatly appreciated, and help our society continue to provide support for those who are affected by FASD!

Third, we always have great events on like our Supper with Erik Carter – Inclusion Specialist. To keep up-to-date with events, you can always check back here or follow us on our social media!

Facebook – 101 Centre – home of 101 Recycling, PregChat and the Foothills FAS

Instagram – foothillsfas

Twitter – @HRiverffas

We are always here to answer questions and provide support, so if you or someone you know needs information, please give us a call or visit our office!

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