Holiday Help: Behavior, Frustration, Food Sensitivities & More

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Navigating the holidays can be hard for many kids with learning and attention issues. Use downloadable worksheets to identify your child’s holiday challenges, track patterns of frustration, and brainstorm strategies to help things go smoothly. Then, get expert tips to help reduce food battles—so you and your child can enjoy the holidays.

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8 Ways to Help Your Child With Food Sensitivities Enjoy the Holidays

My Child Won’t Eat Anything We’re Serving for Thanksgiving. What Should I Do?

Download: Frustration Log to Find Out Why Your Child Gets Frustrated

Upcoming Expert Event: Mark Your Calendar



Writing Instruction for Kids With Dysgraphia

Kids with dysgraphia can experience difficulty in two areas—the mechanics of handwriting and expressing ideas in writing. Join Gary Troia, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, to learn strategies to help your child become a better writer.

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Besides medication, what else has helped your child with ADHD?

Featured Tool: Tech Finder

Find expert-approved apps and games specific to your child’s issues, grade and technological preferences.

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